When can I put my cart out for collection?

All solid waste carts shall be placed in designated collection locations by 7:00 am on the scheduled collection day noted below. Solid waste carts should be removed from the collection location by 10:00 pm the day of collection.

No parking is allowed on the street from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on the resident's solid waste collection day. Solid waste is collected once per week using the following schedule:

  • Tuesday - Solid waste is collected for areas east of Main Street and north of the railroad tracks on North Main Street.
  • Wednesday - Solid waste is collected for areas west of Main Street.
  • Thursday - Solid waste is collected for the areas of Franklin Heights, center of town around the high school and Donald Street as well as 40 East and all walk up/special services pickups.

See the Collection Map.

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