The Town of Rocky Mount is located in the center of Franklin County along Virginia’s southwestern Piedmont Plateau and consists of approximately 6.5 square miles with a population of approximately 5,000 citizens. The Town is situated 20 miles south of Roanoke, Virginia, 25 miles north of Martinsville, Virginia, and 46 miles southwest of Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Rocky Mount has:

  • An average ground elevation of 1,232 feet above mean sea level.
  • Its climate is one of mild winters and warm summers.
  • The nearby Blue Ridge Mountains to the west produce a variety of steering, blocking and modifying effects on storms and air masses.
  • The average annual precipitation for Rocky Mount is 41.8 inches. Precipitation is well distributed throughout the year with the maximum monthly average occurring in July (4.6 inches) and the minimum in November (2.5 inches). The average amount of precipitation occurring as snow is 7 inches per year.
  • The average January temperature is 36.9 degrees, while the average temperature for July, the hottest month, is 74.7 degrees.
  • Rocky Mount's growing season averages 178 days, with frost-free nights normally occurring between the dates of April 21 and October 16.  The length of this period provides for the proper maturity of a large variety of crops.

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