June 14, 2019

On June 3, 2019, the Rocky Mount Town Council voted to amend the Town’s inoperable vehicle ordinance.

Town Code Section 62-112, addresses two changes that may affect you. The code now limits the number of inoperable vehicles to one per property, provided that they are shielded or screened from view. The requirements for screening inoperable vehicles has also been amended to disallow tarps or similar loose covers.

“The number of inoperable motor vehicles which any person may keep outside of a fully enclosed building or structure, but which are shielded or screened from view by covers is limited to one.”
“As used in this section, "shielded or screened from view" means not visible by someone standing at ground level from outside of the property on which the subject vehicle is located. The placing, draping, or securing of a tarpaulin or other nonrigid cover over or around an inoperable vehicle shall not be sufficient to comply with the requirements of this section, unless the nonrigid cover is opaque and specifically designed for use as a car cover on the specific model of the vehicle being covered.”

The amended code will be enforced beginning July 1, 2019.

If you have previously used a tarp to cover your inoperable vehicle, you will need to replace it with a car cover designed for the model being covered. If you have more than one inoperable vehicle, and one is not being used to restore the other, you will need to remove all but one of the vehicles from your property.  

Inoperable Vehicle Code Linked Here