March 11, 2016
Rocky Mount Trail Improvements

Rocky Mount planning improvements for trails and Pigg River access
Ananda Rochita
By Ananda Rochita - Reporter
Published: February 26, 2016, 6:23 pm at:

ROCKY MOUNT (WSLS 10) – Rocky Mount is working to improve trails and access to the Pigg River.

Town leaders created the plan around 2008 before the recession hit.

Roanoke Valley’s success with its blueway and greenway provided inspiration for the outdoor upgrades.

“The people who spend 10 hours coding then want to go outside, go on a boat, jog or ride, and we want to facilitate that,” says Matt Hankins, Rocky Mount’s assistant town manager.

The town of Rocky Mount is putting $50,000 in its upcoming budget for improvements. This includes developing trails at Celeste Park, expanding the Pigg River Heritage Trail, and a new trailhead on North Main Street.

“Long term what we want is for people to be able to step our of their houses, step onto a sidewalk, and be able to go to a park which leads them to a trail system,” says Hankins.

Hankins expects all of the improvements to be finished in about 10 years.

The county’s director of parks and recreation, Paul Chapman, has also been working on improving trails like adding more signs.

He says the outdoor experience is something he’s been enjoying with his family.

“I was running some distance races there for awhile,” says Chapman. “Some marathon training and now I’m more of the family routine and I love going outside with my kids.”

The plan isn’t set in stone but if the budget is approved with the improvements people may start enjoying some of the outdoor benefits this fall.