Public Works


Public Works ImageThe Public Works Department is currently made up of seventeen (17) full-time employees. The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining streets, traffic signals and signs, water distribution, wastewater collection, meter reading, sidewalks, storm water management, building and grounds maintenance, cemetery and parks groundskeeping, public right-of-way maintenance, street cleaning and refuse collection. This department provides all maintenance services within the current corporate limits, as well as responsibility for utility lines throughout the service area.

This account provides for the charging of expenses related to the overall administration of the Public Works Department. Personnel costs and materials needed to provide the various maintenance services are allocated to specific accounts elsewhere in the budget. The department is proposed to be made up of a Public Works Director, Foreman, Mechanic, three (3) Equipment Operators/Crew Leaders, eight (8) Maintenance Worker I heavy laborers, one (1) Maintenance Worker II light laborer, and two (2) Meter Readers. The Fiscal Year 2007 budget also includes funds for two (2) part-time seasonal Maintenance Worker III positions to assist in mowing and other maintenance needs for spring through fall. Costs for Public Works labor is distributed as a percentage through the various accounts associated with this department for budgetary purposes. Actual time spent in each activity is recorded on bi-weekly time sheets to charge each account appropriately.

Areas of Operation

Contact Information:
Brian Schofield, Public Works Superintendent
Town of Rocky Mount
345 Donald Avenue
Rocky Mount, VA  24151
Phone: 540-483-1320
Fax: 540-483-8830