Road Maintenance & Snow Removal

Salt and abrasives stored at the Rocky Mount Public Works Department in preparation for the next winter storm.The Town of Rocky Mount maintains over 70 lane miles of primary, collector, secondary and residential streets and cul-de-sacs, an inventory which grows nearly every year as new subdivisions and streets are created.

The Town repaves streets as needed, fixes potholes and other wear issues, maintains sidewalks and pedestrian access and oversees a network of traffic signs and signals to ensure motorists and pedestrians are able to use streets safely. Crews mow and clear debris from rights-of-way during warmer months.

Street lights are paid for by the Town, and service is provided by Appalachian Power. Town staff report street light outages for repair, usually based on customer feedback or police observations.

The Town's Public Works Department takes a different turn in winter, treating streets and bridges with salt and calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, along with spreading abrasive aggregates like sand and fine gravel to improve vehicle traction. Residents and visitors should note that chemical treatment of streets is less effective at temperatures below 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius).

The Virginia Department of Transportation sets the method used by the Town to plow snow and treat surfaces.

1) Primary arterial streets (US220 Business/Main Street and Virginia Route 40 (Franklin, Pell, Tanyard and Old Franklin Turnpike)

2) Connector and collector streets (such as Scuffling Hill, Diamond, Orchard, Court and Donald)

3) Residential streets and cul-de-sac

4) Town parking lots

Other services such as trash collection may be delayed while employees and equipment are being used for street clearing.