Sewer System Operations

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the wastewater collection system to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. These lines lie both inside the corporate limits and outside for industrial and commercial development. Whenever Public Works employees, vehicles and equipment are used in servicing these lines, these costs are booked against this account to accurately reflect the true costs of providing these services. Fees are charged to the users to recover the costs of collecting wastewater and its treatment. 
Routine repairs and maintenance of sewer lines are provided by Public Works. Money has been set aside for materials and supplies for miscellaneous sewer line extensions or repairs that may be required during the fiscal year. This account also includes costs to operate and maintain all sewer pump stations in the system. At present, the town has 6 stations, Green Oaks, Trail Drive, Rt. 220, Powder Mill, Altice Mill Road, and Rt. 122.