Street Maintenance

This account includes costs related to the maintenance of public streets and right-of-ways within the corporate limits. The Commonwealth of Virginia provides funding to the Town to maintain arterial and collector streets within the Urban Highway System, based upon lane miles.   53.0% of all full-time Public Works salaries and fringe benefit costs have been budgeted to this account. Only those hours actually worked by employees during the year will be charged to this account, along with a comparable percentage of benefits.

Funds have been allocated to provide routine maintenance on public streets as required by the Virginia Department of Transportation. This account also provides funds for maintenance of right-of-ways and striping of highways. Major road construction or reconstruction is usually funded by VDOT and outside contractors in the 6-year plan. Replacement of the PiggRiver bridge over U.S. 220 Business South has been delayed and now is anticipated to begin construction in early-2008. Inspection reports indicate the bridge is in need of replacement and Town Council should urge VDOT to allocate funds to complete the project, which has been in the 6-Year Plan for about nine years with little progress toward moving forward. The bridge spanning Furnace Creek on the western corporate limits on Franklin Street is also recommended for substantial repairs and should be considered for full replacement in the near future as funds become available. Additional lane miles brought in the corporate limits, as a result of annexation or boundary adjustments,  have increased costs of maintenance, but are offset to a degree from, additional funding from VDOT for highway maintenance.