The Town of Rocky Mount operates a 2.0 MGD wastewater treatment facility located approximately 1 mile east of the corporate limits. Constructed in 1995, the plant is a state-of-the-art facility with a discharge permit into the PiggRiver. The facility and its treatment process comply with Virginia Health Department and Department of Environmental Quality and rated as a Class I plant. The facility is a conventional treatment plant utilizing aerobic digestion and UV light treatment, two primary digesters, sedimentation basins, and belt press operation. The Town is required to dispose of sludge produced at the plant at the county landfill. Four full-time operators are employed, including the Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, who holds a Class I license.

The plant is a benchmark for other treatment facilities in the state because of its design and the maintenance provided by the WWTP Superintendent and his staff. The plant consistently performs well above minimum standards established in the regulatory permit issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Contact Information: 
Tim Burton, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent
Town of Rocky Mount
345 Donald Avenue
Rocky Mount, VA  24151
Phone: 540-483-1202
Fax: 540-483-8830
Email: tburton@rockymountva.org