Starting a Business in Rocky Mount

Downtown Rocky Mount at sunset

Zoning Compliance

A Zoning Compliance form must be completed when a business opens, expands, remodels, and builds. 

Business License

A Business License application must be completed when a business operates in Town limits.

Site Plan

When a business builds or adds on, a Site Plan must be submitted. Pre-Filing Consultation with the Town Planning staff to review the proposed request and to obtain recommended procedures and technical assistance is required. To schedule a Pre-Filing Consultation, please contact the Town of Rocky Mount Community Development Department at 540-483-0907.

Building Permit

When building or adding on, a building permit must be obtained from the Franklin County Building Inspections Office

Sign Permit

A Sign Permit is required before putting up business signage.

Logo for the Small Business Development CenterBusiness Advising

The Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advising to new and existing businesses. Learn more and get matched with an advisor.

Food Trucks

Mobile Food Units, commonly referred to as Food Trucks, must complete the Food Truck Supplemental Application.