Solid Waste Collection


The lid on your new solid waste cart must be fully closed after placing your bagged garbage in it.

This ensures that the solid waste in the cart makes it into the solid waste truck without the risk of bags falling and scattering trash into the neighborhood. It also keeps animals from getting into the solid waste in the cart.

If you consistently have more solid waste than your cart will hold (with the lid closed), consider requesting a larger cart (if you don't already have the 95-gallon cart), holding some bags until next week's collection, or requesting an additional solid waste cart.


In addition, no parking is allowed on the street from 7 am to 3 pm on that street's solid waste collection day.

Street parking makes it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, for the driver of the solid waste collection truck to navigate the street and operate the remote arm safely.

Please make arrangements to remove your car from the street on collection day so that your solid waste collection is not disrupted.

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