Collection Days & Times

Pickup Times

Place your solid waste cart in its collection location by 7 am on your collection day. Remove it by 10 pm the same day.

No parking is allowed on the street from 7 am to 3 pm on the resident's solid waste collection day.

Solid Waste Collection Map

Pickup Days

Solid waste is collected once per week according to this schedule: 


Areas east of Main Street and north of the railroad tracks on North Main Street (shown in green on the map).


Areas west of Main Street (shown in blue on the map).


Areas of Franklin Heights, center of town around the high school and Donald Street as well as 40 East and all walk up/special pickups (shown in pink on the map).

Solid Waste Schedule by Street (PDF)


If your collection day falls on a state holiday, your solid waste will be collected on the first regular business day after the holiday. For example, if Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, the Tuesday route will be moved to Wednesday, Wednesday's routes will be moved to Thursday, and Thursday's routes will be moved to Friday. Residents will be notified of these changes.