Request Your Cart

Request Your Cart

The request period for solid waste collection carts has ended. Residents who have not requested a cart will automatically receive the 95-gallon residential cart.

You may still request additional carts or disability/special services.

Carts ordered by November 1 will be delivered in December. Watch our social media channels and your water bill inserts for more information!

Request Additional Carts/Exchange Carts

If one cart isn't enough for your home or business, you may request additional carts.

Residences may request one additional cart. Businesses may request up to three additional carts.

If you need to exchange your cart for a different size, you may do that here as well.

Additional Carts

Monthly fees apply for additional carts at a rate set by Town Council.

Carts are property of the Town, furnished as part of the monthly solid waste fee, and should remain at the address when the customer moves.

Cart Exchanges & Replacements

Residents are allowed one cart size change in the first ninety days after issue. There will be a fee for cart changes at a rate set by Council.

The Town will replace town-issued solid waste carts which have become unusable without fault to the customer.

A replacement town-issued solid waste cart will be provided when a new occupant moves into a residence and the original town-issued cart is missing. The Town will seek reimbursement from the property's previous occupant.

Residents are responsible for repair or replacement costs of town-issued solid waste carts when the Town makes a determination that the damage or disappearance of the solid waste cart is not the responsibility of the Town or through normal use. Apply for a cart exchange.

Request Help With Your Cart

The Town provides limited pickup for town residents who need help moving their carts.

Pickup for Disabled Residents

The Town provides limited pickup for town residents at their home (not at the curb) if they are disabled/special service and do not live with anyone physically able to bring the town-issued solid waste cart to the curb.

All pickups must be within line of sight of the solid waste truck. The 65-gallon solid waste cart (red lid) is the only cart allowed for this service.

Note that the application for this service requires a physician's signature.

Download the Pickup for Disabled Residents Form (PDF) or call 540-483-0907 to request help moving your cart.